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Services We Offer - Sugar Construction



Sugar Construction, Inc. provides all the management tools required to control all aspects of a given project from start to finish. These would include contracting the various trade contractors, providing construction schedules, cost control, providing direct field supervision and quality inspection. Also working with government authorities to ensure compliance, providing office staff support, working with the owner to address changes or obstacles that may affect the project schedule or costs. We would also provide a safe work environment for all those involved and at the end of the day, leaving behind a finished product that meets and exceeds the buyer’s expectations.

Complete services for building construction projects:

  • Consultation
  • Contracting for general construction work (all trades)
  • Construction project time and cost management
  • Coordination of construction work with regulatory agency inspectors
  • Design and build
  • Field supervision of general contract work
  • Good Communication between builder & designer to improve quality of product
  • Performance of concrete, structural steel and carpentry trades work
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Value engineering to deliver lower cost