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Warner Norcross & Judd - Sugar Construction

Featured Project:

Warner Norcross & Judd

After the shell of the brand new East End development was completed in Midland, Michigan, Warner Norcross & Judd hired us to handle the interior construction of their new office. Their goal was to create a beautiful, contemporary work space that inspired their employees and conveyed the company’s status as one of the region’s premier law firms.

A reception desk with a large black speaker.

The front desk furniture was custom built to match the rest of the interior.

A large conference room with a view of the outside.

Natural light fills the main conference room.

A ceiling with many white tiles and some lights

Sound dampening is a crucial aspect of work place design.

A woman sitting at the counter of a restaurant.

The break room features an open layout to encourage conversation among staff during break times. Custom cabinetry in the kitchen supports the office's modern aesthetic.

A hallway with several lights hanging from the ceiling.

Rather than use wood, the panels atop this hallway are made of a strong, lightweight composite material that was customized to look like real wood. The panels are lighter and more durable than wood, which reduced construction costs and will require less maintenance in the future.

Three vases with flowers on a table

Warm lights and glass panels make the office feel welcoming.