Featured Project:

Allis Information Management

Allis Information Management (“AIM”) provides strategic intelligence services to large companies and government agencies. They procured a wooded property next to a university with the hopes to transforming it into a one-of-a-kind workplace.

Outdoor shot of the AIM building

Their forest sanctuary is nestled within the woods and designed to integrate seamlessly with nature. Concrete posts connect the building to ground. The entire structure feels as if it sprouted organically from the rolling hill upon which is rests.

Corner featuring stone, brick, and stained glass

A variety of raw materials—stone, wood, glass, steel—are combined to add visual complexity while staying true to the building's nature-driven aesthetic.

Lobby featuring stone, brick, and stained glass

AIM's grand lobby features high ceilings, stained glass windows, and accents of greenery.

Contrary to cubicle stereotypes, these offices are flooded with natural light from the surrounding woods.

Exposed beam work adorns the ceiling.

Behind AIM's office