Featured Project:

Memorial Presbyterian Church

This breath-taking church in Midland, Michigan is home to a majestic, custom-built $1.3 million pipe organ. When the instrument was built in 2012, we were tasked with rebuilding the church’s alter area to accommodate the new organ.

A large church with a christmas tree and decorations.

The project was a massive undertaking, but the end result was worth it. The organ is installed into the walls below the existing dome. Intricately detailed pillars were salvaged and reinstalled along with a new stage area.

A wooden structure with some wood beams on it

This is a view of the pipes from behind the scenes.

A close up of the organ pipes in an old church

From the stage, the pipes are beautiful and imposing.

A church with pews and a large arch in the center.

Alter area before construction

A piano and organ in the center of a room.

New organ installed

A walkway with benches and fire pit in the middle of it.

We've completed a number of projects for the church beyond the stage renovation. For instance, this outdoor columbarium provides a simple, contemplative space directly outside the church's walls.

A building with a large window and brick wall.

The rounded brick wall is covered with polished back granite.

A building with two trees in front of it

While the sanctuary—with its massive organ and impressive stage—steal the show, most of the day-to-day business in the church occurs in the administration area. The new entrance was added in 2009.

A view of an office with white cabinets and a desk.

The recent lobby remodel features a custom-built reception desk, with quartz counters

A lobby with a christmas tree and a waiting room.

Visitors are greeted by an open space featuring travetine marble floors.