Featured Project:

Memorial Presbyterian Church

This breath-taking church in Midland, Michigan is home to a majestic, custom-built $1.3 million pipe organ. When the instrument was built in 2012, we were tasked with rebuilding the church’s alter area to accommodate the new organ.

Memorial Presbyterian Church ready for a Christmas concert

The project was a massive undertaking, but the end result was worth it. The organ is installed into the walls below the existing dome. Intricately detailed pillars were salvaged and reinstalled along with a new stage area.

Behind the organ pipes

This is a view of the pipes from behind the scenes.

Organ pipes as seen from the stage

From the stage, the pipes are beautiful and imposing.

Alter area before construction

New organ installed

We've completed a number of projects for the church beyond the stage renovation. For instance, this outdoor columbarium provides a simple, contemplative space directly outside the church's walls.

The rounded brick wall is covered with polished back granite.

Entrance to church from Allen Street

While the sanctuary—with its massive organ and impressive stage—steal the show, most of the day-to-day business in the church occurs in the administration area. The new entrance was added in 2009.

The recent lobby remodel features a custom-built reception desk, with quartz counters

Visitors are greeted by an open space featuring travetine marble floors.