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Whiting Forest - Sugar Construction

Featured Project:

Whiting Forest

In 2016, construction began on what will become America’s longest canopy walk. Visitors can walk more than 1,400 feet over forest, ponds, and an orchard that was created by Dow Chemical’s founder more than 100 years earlier.  Sugar Construction was pleased to be selected to be part of project team on this massive undertaking.  We provided general trades and concrete services.

A bridge with cars parked below and trees all around

At its peak, the canopy walk hovers more than 4 stories off the forest floor.

A tree house in the middle of a forest.

The structure on the end of pond arm utilizes heavy timber trusses, tongue and groove ceiling and extensive Brazilian Walnut decking and amenities.

A wooden fence with metal posts and black frames.

Unique panels provide safety railing for visitors as they stroll through the canopy.

A tree house with a round window in the middle of it.

Tremendous care was taken to construct the canopy walk while accommodating the existing trees and wildlife.

A man in yellow vest and hard hat on bridge.

Safety is an incredibly important part of our jobs. While construction was underway, workers built temporary safety rails and wore protective gear. Despite the size of the project, there were no injuries recorded during construction.

A stone wall in front of a house.

In addition to the work on the canopy walk, we also provided general trades and concrete services to build the new maintenance building and classroom deep within Whiting Forest. Inside, they can host private events and store the equipment needed to maintain the facility.

A garage with wood paneling and white walls.

A large overhead door allows the event space to blend indoor and outdoor activities when weather permits. An open wood ceiling and a custom concrete countertop—match the forest's rustic vibe.

A building with stone and green siding under construction.

A miniature version of the original Dow family house was constructed to house the site sprinkler system.